We provide the world’s best buying agents and designer to elevate your business to the next level.

Haptic medium

From Montreal to Shanghai, we've obtain practical and adequate items for marketing and merchandising of all shapes and sizes. 

design & development

We have extensive experience designing new products and packages for your business.  

logistics & distribution

If you need your customers to have an imposing service, the datalog will store, finish and deliver your items.

High-end development tools are needed to design and create items in range of time, money and purpose


Efficiency is one of the major keys to maneuver all the stakeholders through the exciting journey to a new product. We have the best team for creation, design and development  to build beautiful items. 



Your customer satisfaction is our mission


Fulfillment solutions aims to all of those companies that distribute products either B2B or B2C - nationally as well as internationally. Among them mail order companies, brand name companies, industrial enterprises and petrochemie-industries doing business in merchandising or a fan-shop. 



A heavyweight Champion gets a trendy signature look.


With more than 150 years of history, BASF is the largest chemical producer worldwide. These colorful brand items won the collectors choice award in 2015. 


One of the oldest multinational companies deserves a whole new class of products


datalog was the first to create a new class of products. rubber ducks, that have much more charisma than only beeing yellow. We created a huge trend in meerchandising and marketing with these crazy and funny toys.